Erin | Nedia Hair Loss Specialists

School Attended: Aveda Institute
Years in Industry: 5
Position: Hair Loss Specialist

Education + Experience

  • Aveda Institute Cosmetology Training
  • Nedia’s Advanced Hair Loss Training Program
  • Davines Advanced Coloring + Cutting
  • American Hair Loss Council
  • Easihair Pro Certified
  • MicroPoint Link Solutions Certified
  • Follea Luxury Wig Training
  • Extensive training in hair loss hair care products & solutions

Specialties (What do you love to do?)

  • Hair Loss Replacement for Men, Women + Children
  • Alopecia, Female Pattern, Hormonal, Stress Induced
  • Hair Loss, Trichotillomania, Chemotherapy/ Radiation
  • Induced Hair Loss


  • Specialized Haircut for fine/thin hair
  • Hair Removal
  • Full Wig Human Hair Cleaning
  • Partial Hair System Human Hair Cleaning
  • Synthetic Hair System Cleaning
  • Reconditioning Synthetic Wig
  • Reconditioning Human Hair Wig
  • Reconditioning Cyberhair Wig
  • De-Cuticlize Full Human Hair Wig
  • Haircut
  • Blow Dry Style
  • Special Occasion Style
  • Full Balayage
  • Full Foil
  • Partial Balayage
  • Partial Foil
  • Spot Foil
  • Full Balayage + One Step Color
  • Full Foil + One Step Color
  • One Step Color
  • Retouch Color
  • Bleach + Tone Retouch
  • Relaxers, Smoothing Treatments & Permanent Waves priced upon consultation
  • Extension priced upon consultation
Erin, Nedia – Hair Loss Specialist

Hair Loss Specialist

“Hair loss is very special to me. I love making people feel confident through just a few hairs to a full wig.”
~ Erin

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