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Hair Restoration, Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Loss Solutions in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

At Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa at our new Minnetonka location, we are proud to offer the most advanced, natural and beautiful custom hair loss solutions designed to meet your individual needs and desires.

Types of Hair Loss

We help you understand the causes of your hair loss and share the many hair replacement and hair loss treatment options available to restore your hair to the natural thickness, volume, length and style you remember.

Hair Loss Types & Medical Conditions

Stages of Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs due to many possible causes related to an individual’s genetic makeup or other factors. The Nedia hair restoration specialists can help you better understand the causes of your hair loss, as well as your options for treatments or styles

The Different Stages of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Solutions, Treatments and Restoration

At Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa offers all proven female hair loss solutions, treatment options, and hair loss prevention products for all types of women’s hair loss, from the mild to severe, regardless of the cause.

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