Michelle | Nedia Hair Loss Specialists

School Attended: Aveda Institute
Position: Hair Loss Director + Master Hair Loss Specialist

Education + Experience:

  • Redken Advanced Coloring + Cutting
  • Davines Advanced Coloring + Cutting
  • American Hair Loss Council
  • Advanced Hair Loss Replacement-Japan
  • Cyberhair Training
  • MicroPoint Link System Certified + Trainer
  • Easihair Pro Certified
  • Custom Molding Training
  • Extensive cutting + coloring training for fine/thin hair


  • Consultations for fine/thinning hair and hair loss
  • Hair Loss Replacement for Women + Children
  • Alopecia, Female Pattern, Hormonal, Stress Induced
  • Hair Loss, Trichotillomania, Chemotherapy/ Radiation
  • Induced Hair Loss
  • Cutting and Custom Color placement for fine/thin hair
  • Micro Point Links + Accents
  • Hair Extensions for fine/thinning hair
  • Creating custom pieces through molding process
  • Part Pieces, Toppers, 3/4 Pieces
  • High Quality Synthetic Wigs
  • Follea Luxury Human Hair Wigs
  • High Quality Human Hair Wigs
  • Cutting and thinning wigs
  • Custom Color for human hair wigs
  • Wig + Hair System fittings + alterations
  • Hair System Attachments (bonding, fusion, snaps)


Mirco Point Link Solutions:
Easihair Pro Extensions
Specialized Haircut for fine/thin hair
Specialized Color for fine/thin hair
Hair Removal
Full Wig Human Hair Cleaning
Partial Hair System Human Hair Cleaning
Synthetic Hair System Cleaning
Human Hair Wig Updo
Shadow Rooting Human Hair Wig
Full Color Human Hair Wig
Foil Human Hair Wig
Perming Human Hair Wig
Reconditioning Syntheic Wig
Reconditioning Human Hair Wig
Reconditioing Cyberhair Wig
De-Cuticlize Full Human Hair Wig
Michelle at Nedia Sa;on

Assistant Hair Loss Director/Master Hair Loss Specialist

“I know it is hard to call and walk in the door, but I am CONFIDENT that I will have a solution for YOU.”
~ Michelle

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