Nedia Hair Color

Each color service at Nedia begins with a customized lifestyle consultation. During this consultation our stylists will assess your lifestyle, skin tone, length, texture, condition of your hair and your expectations. Together you will create a customized color that is perfect for you. Each color service includes a hand massage performed by one of our caring team members. Relax and let us create your perfect you!

Nedia Hair Coloring Services (starting at*)

  • Full Balayage – $120+
  • Partial Balayage – $110+
  • Full Foil – $100+
  • Partial Foil – $90+
  • Virgin Color – $85+
  • Retouch Color – $65+
  • Retouch + Full Balayage – $180+
  • Retouch + Partial Balayage – $150+
  • Retouch + Full Foil – $160+
  • Retouch + Partial Foil – $130+
  • Glossing/Toning Treatment – $40+
Nedia Hair Color Services

Looking for more shine or to even out your color?

A glossing or toning treatment may be just what you need. A glossing treatment will bring that much needed shine back into your hair, making it easier to style, as well. A toning treatment will restore the loss of color on the ends and rebalance the look to create a beautiful, consistent color.

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*All prices are subject to level of stylist, length and density of the hair. For complete pricing, we suggest a no obligation complimentary consultation.