A Man’s Hair Loss Story

Have you ever considered Laser Hair Therapy? I never did, I tried everything under the sun before Laser Hair therapy. Six months ago I started my therapy with Fantasia and I have had amazing results.

For those of you who don’t know about Laser Hair therapy here is a little background info. Laser energy works through a process of bio stimulation, accelerating natural hair growth processes. That is key! This is a natural hair growth option! Low-level lasers emit low doses of concentrated light energy into hair follicles to increase blood flow and stimulate natural hair growth. There are no side effects, and Laser Hair Therapy can be incorporated into an existing treatment regimen, which is what I did.

Laser Hair Therapy is ideal for guys or girls recovering from stressful procedures, medications, or chemicals that all result in thinning hair or hair loss. It also is ideal if you want to create healthier, fuller, stronger, and shinier hair, while boosting hair growth no matter the state of your hair loss.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have tried a lot of other solution options. I have been troubled with thinning hair for years. In fact, I had thinning hair much longer (and when I was much younger) than I even realized. It wasn’t until I added Laser Hair treatment with Fantasia that I started to see real results. With over 150 years of combined professional experience, Fantasia is a real leader when it comes to Laser Hair therapy. They have an extremely talented team that really knows their stuff and makes you feel comfortable through the process.

After 6 months, a microscopic viewing of my scalp showed that multiple follicles had grown 2 to 3 hair strands where they previously had a single hair or even none at all. It was seriously remarkable to see results in a few months. My hair coverage has grown and Fantasia has been a critical part of that growth.

I would highly recommend going in to Fantasia to get a consultation. Hair loss can cause a lot of emotional distress and really crush our confidence. if you are here trying to find a solution, I stand by Fantasia as the professionals that can help you. Laser Hair treatment is a natural way to see real results. My results speak for themselves and I know you won’t be disappointed.

** Fantasia Certified Laser Specialists will show you the options available in a FREE, private risk-free consultation. There is no obligation, no pressure, and no contracts. Let our specialists help you with your personalized laser and scalp treatments. Call today 763-544-9126 .**

Jerry is a long term customer of Fantasia and approached the salon about hair loss solutions. He is extremely happy with the results and is excited to share his story with others considering hair loss solutions.