Hair Loss Specialist vs. Salon Stylist Selling Wigs

What is the difference between a Wig (Hair Loss) Specialist with experience and a Salon stylist selling you a wig or hairpiece?

A salon stylist, attends a few days of basic training, about wigs and hair systems, with a manufacturer so they will sell their products, to their existing clients that are thinning or experiencing medical related hair loss.

A Wig (Hair Loss) Specialist, studies for years about wigs and hairpieces, attends basic classes, advanced classes and refresher classes, thorough out their career. Studies and trains under a “Experienced Wig Hair Loss Specialist” for 3 years. They know about hair loss, they search for the best solution for YOU, for your type of medical hair loss.

They fit a piece to your exact head shape. They select the right hair texture to match to your hair texture. They match color and customize the color exactly to your skin tones. They recommend healthy attachments for your delicate hair, for the least amount of damage.

They select and create the density appropriate for you, so you system looks NATURAL. They cut and style the finished product to your facial features. They know how to repair hair pieces. They are the EXPERTS.

If you want to look natural and have undetectable hair, visit a Professional Expert.

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