Are You Losing Your Hair Because of the Pandemic?

hair loss because of COVID 19

The New York times wrote an article titled “Losing Your Hair Can Be Another Consequence of the Pandemic“. This article has some very valuable information about losing hair with the Pandemic going on. It states information about the effects of Covid-19 during and after effects. It states what doctors are seeing in their patients, with stress from the World issues.

There are wonderful statements from women experiencing hair loss and their feelings, which many people may relate to.

The hair loss itself can cause more stress, especially for women, whose hair is often more closely tied to identity and self-confidence.

Stress Related Hair Loss

We have always seen stress related hair loss and medically related hair loss with guests visiting our Nedia Hair Loss Center, but Now we seeing an increase at this time. We always want guests to know, that they are not on their own, we are with them during this journey. We know self-identity and self-confidence effects our guests with hair loss. We can’t change the situation of the World, but we have multiple solutions for guests, during this difficult times, as you can see on our website.

 People are experiencing hair loss during Covid-19

In normal times, some people shed noticeable amounts of hair after a profoundly stressful experience such as an illness, major surgery or emotional trauma.

Now, doctors say, many patients recovering from Covid-19 are experiencing hair loss — not from the virus itself, but from the physiological stress of fighting it off. Many people who never contracted the virus are also losing hair, because of emotional stress from job loss, financial strain, deaths of family members or other devastating developments stemming from the pandemic.

For most patients the condition should be temporary, doctors say, but it could last months.

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