The Difference Between a Wig Boutique and Hair Loss Center

wig vs hair loss center

Difference between a Wig Boutique and Hair Loss Center for purchasing a wig or hairpiece

Wig Boutique

  • Appearance is rows of wigs on Mannequins of lower quality wigs
  • You pick your style of wig
  • You may have a semi privacy with a curtained area to try on wigs
  • Education of cap construction and hair types is limited
  • Limited education of care and what can be done with the type of hair you selected. Education of products and tools not always available.
  • Full Custom Cutting is not available for your facial features etc.
  • Full Custom Cap alterations not available to fit your head
  • Full Custom natural Color effects not available for your skin tones etc.
  • Custom Designed for ordered hair not available made with a template

Hair Loss Center

  • Serene, Comfortable, Hair Loss Center, with no Mannequins staring at you
  • You are welcomed and escorted to a private waiting area, and then escorted to a Private Sound Proof Suite, to have a one on one discuss of your added hair needs, in a no obligation pre-booked consultation, with a Hair Loss Specialist
  • Hair Loss Specialists, will listen to your needs and then recommend multiple hair loss solutions that would be best for you. Type of hair loss, allergies, fit, and style are all considered for your needs. You will be able to touch and feel different types of human hair and synthetic, cap constructions will be explained that work for your needs. Fit is very important so you are comfortable wearing added hair
  • Hair Loss centers uses higher quality products, because they have products designed for their center. They use the highest quality human hair, for wigs and hairpieces not available to wig boutiques and salons. The use higher selected synthetic fibers for their synthetic wigs and hairpieces. They use higher quality materials to manufacture their products to they are comfortable and not scratchy to your scalp.
  • Customized cap fitting is available to create comfort on your wig or hairpiece, in a Hair Loss Center
  • Customized Color effects are available if need, to get the natural effects desired and to match to your skin tones.
  • The hair loss solution selected for you will be “Custom Full Cut” to your facial features, and the density will be adjusted to get a natural appearance, so it does not look like a wig. They do not give you just a trim. Hair Loss Specialists are trained and certified.
  • You will be educated on products to use on the hair loss solution picked for you.
  • If you have multiple wigs or hair pieces, you could use a Drop of Service available at a Hair Loss Center to have your wigs and hairpieces to be done, without having to wait at a appointment
  • Hair Loss Centers are able to Custom Design Hair systems, for exact fitting using a specialized material to cast the shape of your head. Custom Hair, density and wave are determined in creating the custom order for specialized manufacturing for you wig or hairpiece.

Make a “SMART” decision about ADDED HAIR!

Shop around, get educated and remember you pay for what you get, feel good about your decision.

Remember COMFORT and NATURAL APPEARANCE is MOST IMPORTANT, about purchasing added hair